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Vamp is a band from Haugesund, Norway. Started in 1991, the band's musical profile is a mix of Norwegian folk music, Celtic folk music and rock. Excellent songwriting craftsmanship and lyrics from leading contemporary poets blend these elements into what has been described as the ultimate West Norwegian "North Sea sound".

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Since their concert debut in 1992 they've seen the sale of more than 700,000 CDs of their ten album releases, 25,000 copies of the DVD "Vamp i full symfoni", a substantial number of sheet music books and 50,000 downloads of their signature song "Tir'na noir".

Vamp’s creative energy, their self-confident ability to evolve, experience and their ever increasing popularity mean they remain one of the leading contemporary Norwegian bands, both on stage and in the recording studio.

Their latest release is the critically acclaimed "I full symfoni II", a collaboration between Vamp, The Norwegian Broadcasting Symphony Orchestra and Eivór Pálsdóttir from The Faroe Islands.