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"Liten fuggel"2012iTunes7 digitalPlatekompaniet

Liten fuggel
1Liten fuggel Øyvind Staveland og Ingvar Hovland/Øyvind Staveland03:12 

"Liten fuggel" (Small Bird) is a beautiful song, unmistakable Vampy. It is a fable about loss, solace and hope.

The melody is written by Øyvind Staveland and the lyrics are by Staveland and Ingvar Hovlan.

Vamp has been around for 20 years and have released 12 albums. They have sold over 750,000 albums so far, and been rewarded with, among others, as much as 5 Spellemannspriser (The Norwegian Grammy) . The band consists of Øyvind Staveland, Torbjørn Økland, Carl E Apeland, Odin Staveland and Paul Hansen.

The new album will be released late October 2012. It was recorded on the Faroe Islands with Espen Lind as a producer

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